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Bounce your way to fitness with this fun full body workout that will strengthen, tone and improve your cardio!

Our fitness classes have been created to provide a cardio workout that is unique and fun among a crowded world of fitness choices. Jumping engages every muscle in the body, providing a total strength workout while burning more calories per minute than most exercises. Bouncing is easy on joints as impacts are absorbed by dozens of springs.

This 60 minute class will hit every major muscle group -  legs, butt, arms & abs, while you work up a sweat and challenge your balance!

​While a gentle health jump or lower intensity workout on our trampolines can be excellent for pre and post-natal women, due to the higher intensity of SOAR classes it is not recommended for pregnancy

ALL fitness levels are welcome.


The cost is $10 for the class. If you want to bring your kids along they are $5 each and can jump and play in the Mini Launcher area for the hour.  

Fitness class availability is based on interest, so give us a call at 780-468-3161 for questions about our classes!


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