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You thought ordinary dodgeball was fun? Wait until you try it in one of our huge trampoline dodgeball arenas! Surrounded by wall to wall angled trampolines, you can immerse yourself in an adrenaline pumping game with your friends, playing all three dimensions in this fast paced game of speed, agility and strategy.

LaunchPad offers trampoline dodgeball leagues! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK TO LEARN ABOUT WHEN OUR FIRST LEAGUE STARTS!

CLICK HERE it sign up for LaunchPad Dodgeball League.

Each league only has 8 team spots available. Want to play? Call us to get in on the action or for more information! There may be adjustments to the league depending on how many team submissions we receive.


Trampoline Dodgeball League

  • 10 on 10
  • Games are a max of 8 minutes long
  • Team with the MOST games won in 30 minutes time wins the match. If tied after 30 minutes there will be a single TIE-BREAKER game
  • 6 week season with each team playing a game per night every week. Full schedule and results.
  • The 7th week will be a championship tournament


Tuesday Night League is from 7pm – 9pm


$500 per team. In addition to full park access on game nights, a championship night and all the fun you can handle, Winning team get the ridiculously cool, coveted LaunchPad T-Shirts.


  • Be sure to wear athletic clothing – you will get hot and sweaty!
  • Team uniforms and costumes are welcomed and encouraged!

Dodgeball Rules


  • Each game is a max of 8 minutes long, teams play as many games as possible.
  • A team wins a  when they get all the opposing players out.
  • Each team starts with 10 players on each team; minimum of 3 female players on a co-ed team.
  • The team who won the most games at the end of 30 minutes won the match.
  • If the case of a tie, a tie breaker game is held.

You Are Out If

  • You are hit with a ball ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY.
  • You throw a ball and someone catches it.
  • You cross the green boundary, including reaching over for a ball.
  • You argue with the referee.
  • You attempt to block a ball with another ball and drop the ball being used for blocking.

When You Are Out

  • Walk across the center green pads with your hands wrapped around your head.

Other Rules

  • Only 1 person is out per throw.
  • A ball is defined as dead once it touches ANYTHING: person, trampoline, mat, etc!
  • Only the player who the ball is being thrown at may catch it to get the thrower out.
  • You may catch a ball with any part of your body.

Referees have the final say.


Did You Know?

LaunchPad has 2,000 square feet of foam pit, including the largest foam pit in Alberta.